Custom engineering

Complex Mechanisms

We develop customized engineering projects, with more than 10 designs protected as patent or industrial design at a national or European level. We are specialized in 3D design and printing for all industrial sectors and also for private clients.

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Official Distributor in Spain

Blackbelt 3D Printer


We are the exclusive distributors in Spain of the revolutionary BlackBelt 3D printers with unlimited printing. We are also the official distributors in Spain of ColorFabb 3D printing materials.


Mechanical Design

Agricultural Engineering


  • We are exclusive distributors in Spain of the revolutionary Dutch brand Blackbelt, the first 3D printer with a unique technology of a roller table that allows the printing of objects of infinite length and horizontal overhangs without support. In addition, it facilitates mass production.

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  • We are official distributors of the brand colorFabb, Dutch manufacturer of high quality 3D printing materials and features.

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  • Major Reforms

    Major Reforms

  • Reduced specification sheets

    Reduced specification sheets

  • Legalization Studies Agricultural Machinery

    Legalization Studies Agricultural Machinery

  • Mechanical design

    Mechanical design

  • Functional 3D printing

    Functional 3D printing

  • Rapid prototyping

    Rapid prototyping

  • Engineering projects

    We develop engineering projects of national projection, and in some cases international, with clients in different industrial sectors, both companies and individuals. Our projects are personalized. We look for concrete solutions for every need, using 3D design and printing if necessary.

    The specialization of Uniqo in the design of customized pieces of engineering, created for each need, has facilitated the solution to the non-existence of certain products that are not manufactured in series, such as a support for an awning in a camper vehicle, or parts that are no longer manufactured, like a grille for a historic car.

    In addition to conventional engineering projects, and 3D design and printing, Uniqo offers among its services the approval of projects, energy certificates, activity projects, implementation of ISO quality standards and training.

  • 3D development

    We are the only company in the province of Huesca specialized in 3D printing for industrial projects. A sector that will grow more than 40% until the year 2021.

    We bet on the so-called Industry 4.0 (or fourth industrial revolution): a new way of organizing the production resources that promotes the digitalization of the industry with a more efficient allocation of resources, and that is based on the use of new technological tools such as the design and printing in 3D, the use of 3D simulation, augmented reality and the cloud.

    We are experts in 3D design and printing of prototypes, components and pieces for the industry. 3D printing allows to obtain reduced productions more quickly,  with lower production costs and high quality.

    Our latest generation 3D printers allow precise and infinite printing with ultra-resistant technical materials, being able to produce extremely long pieces, horizontal overhangs without support and serial productions.

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