3D development

We are the only company in the province of Huesca specialized in 3D printing for industrial projects. A sector that will grow more than 40% until the year 2021.

We bet on the so-called Industry 4.0 (or fourth industrial revolution): a new way of organizing the production resources that promotes the digitalization of the industry with a more efficient allocation of resources, and that is based on the use of new technological tools such as the design and printing in 3D, the use of 3D simulation, augmented reality and the cloud.

We are experts in 3D design and printing of prototypes, components and pieces for the industry. 3D printing allows to obtain reduced productions more quickly,  with lower production costs and high quality.

Our latest generation 3D printers allow precise and infinite printing with ultra-resistant technical materials, being able to produce extremely long pieces, horizontal overhangs without support and serial productions.

  • Mechanical design


    We make your ideas come true. We develop any mechanical model that the client requests, using advanced 3D design software (Solidworks). We offer an optimal solution to all those companies, large or small, that want to develop mechanical models. Projects for all types of sectors and even for individuals.

  • Functional 3D printing


    We have the best technology to manufacture functional pieces completely ready for use. Through 3D printing, we can print geometries that were previously unthinkable, with high resistance and total functionality.

    Mastering the design and 3D printing of prototypes, components and parts for the industry allows to obtain reduced productions more quickly, with lower production costs and high quality.

  • Rapid prototyping



    We complement our designs with additive manufacturing technology and augmented reality. We are able to generate first samples in a fast, efficient and personalized way.

    The augmented reality allows to present the projects in 3D and 360º format, and thus control the design process.