Infinite 3D prints

Welcome to Blackbelt

We are exclusive distributors in Spain of the revolutionary Dutch brand Blackbelt, the first 3D printer with a unique technology of a roller table that allows the printing of objects of infinite length and horizontal overhangs without support. In addition, it facilitates mass production.

Uniqo, exclusive distributor in Spain

  • 3d print

    Large formats

    The new BlackBelt printer, with carbon fiber conveyor belt, can print infinite length pieces and is capable of producing extremely long series parts as well as horizontal cantilevers without support. This way, it can create 340 mm x 340 mm products in the X and Y directions. For prints over 1300 mm, the use of the roller table is recommended to provide additional support during the production process.

  • Latest generation technology


    The most interesting thing about the BlackBelt 3D printer is that it works with the nozzle tilted 45 degrees from the base. This method is very different to everything seen until now in the manufacturing technology by fused filament.

  • Manufacturing

    Serial production


    After finishing the printing job, the machine is ready for series production of individual parts. It is not necessary to remove the prints manually, placing a container on the front of the printer the finished pieces are collected.

  • Horizontal overhangs



    The most interesting part of this 3D printer is that it makes the printing with the nozzle inclined 45º with respect to the base, a radically different approach to what we have seen so far in the FFF technology (Fabrication by Fused Filament). This is a key system for the manufacture of infinite pieces.

  • Blackbelt 3D printer + support frame

  • Blackbelt 3D Printer Desktop version