Engineering projects

We develop engineering projects of national projection, and in some cases international, with clients in different industrial sectors, both companies and individuals. Our projects are personalized. We look for concrete solutions for every need, using 3D design and printing if necessary.

The specialization of Uniqo in the design of customized pieces of engineering, created for each need, has facilitated the solution to the non-existence of certain products that are not manufactured in series, such as a support for an awning in a camper vehicle, or parts that are no longer manufactured, like a grille for a historic car.

In addition to conventional engineering projects, and 3D design and printing, Uniqo offers among its services the approval of projects, energy certificates, activity projects, implementation of ISO quality standards and training.

  • Major Reforms

    Technical projects


    Our team carries out reforms of diverse scale for all type of technical projects and sectors such as automotive, agricultural, mechanical, etc.

  • Reduced specification sheets



    The reduced specification sheet is necessary for importing vehicles, obtaining historic license plates, rehabilitating a vehicle and for the individual homologation of a vehicle. In the case of imports, the reduced specification sheet will be required at the ITV station during the pre-registration inspection. The specification sheets must be made by a collegiate engineer.

    For vehicles
  • Legalization Studies Agricultural Machinery


    We develop projects to verify that the specifications of the vehicles conform to what was declared by the manufacturer in the type approval.

    We legalize important reforms in all kind of vehicles and agricultural machinery. We also carry out endorsed technical projects for the certification of coatings on agricultural tractors with 4 and 6 post frames with official approval.

  • Marking of machinery


    We have a team specialized in CE marking. This activity consists of informing the users and competent authorities that the commercialized equipment (industrial or agricultural) complies with the mandatory legislation regarding essential requirements.

  • Activity projects



    To start up a commercial establishment, it is necessary to obtain a municipal license that proves that this space complies with the corresponding regulations.

    The Activity Project includes the regulations that are applicable to each premises, which can vary according to the type of site and the district where it is located.

    At Uniqo we take care of preparing the necessary documentation to obtain the Opening License.

    Opening license
  • Energy certificates

    Energy efficiency

    The energy certificate is mandatory when renting or selling a home or business premises. For this, it is necessary to contact a technician to visit the property, he will qualify it energetically and issue the corresponding certificate of energy efficiency.

    Our technicians have the necessary qualifications to obtain the energy label of any home or business premises.